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Self-doubt creeps in, and we ask: We finally hear from our love interest three days later, and get the coveted second date for Saturday. So, why do we play mind games, even when we’re romantically attracted to the person?We’re socially conditioned to think frustration breeds desire, and our own biology helps reinforce this belief. He used to act like a nice guy, then he tried "The Game" technique, all to varying success.

Do you find yourself dancing back and forth and doing a “they love me…love me not” kinda thing, obsessing over that latest Instagram like, or that out-of-the-blue “Hi? You’ve ignored the ones who liked you, in favor of being strung along and veryyyyyy slowly faded out… Another term for the age old story of game playing and getting mind F’d!

Or if you’ve done something wrong when you get silence, or whether you’re being too “needy”?! They’re still into you and have put you on hold “just incase”. Bread-crumbing: when you’re being led on, just enough to keep you thinking they’re interested, but not enough to make you know they are committed!

“Bread-crumbs” can be random low-key flirty, texts, Facebook/Instagram likes, Snapchats etc.

En jeux de rôle pervers, fist fucking, bondage, humiliation, martinet, nursing, etc…

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