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Here, the best quotes from the night, because sometimes things are best left unedited: Doré: One day I was with a bunch of friends on the beach, being ourselves, just like hanging. Doré: Yeah, you can't put more than like 50 boats in there, that's it. So we started that on a whim, and my first job, the real official job -- 'official' -- was to sell croissants. Doré: I went to Paris every other month, because I told myself that if I want to be an illustrator, I'm not going to spend my time doing illustrations and not showing it to anyone. Doré: The other day I was writing, and he came in the room— Schuman: Just to move some books!

In a conversation that was just as much informative as it was funny -- Schuman's opening line: "I understand you were born in France" -- we learned quite a bit about Doré's ascent to blogging stardom. I can't breathe, I can't watch TV, I can't turn on the faucet...

mostly consists of beautifully lit, barely captioned portraits of interesting-looking people from Bali to Poznan, and gets 14 million page views per month.

Its success has allowed Schuman, 47, to work for , marks ten years in the business.

Doré: It put a lot of pressure on me, and after the first year of that learning that, they throw me into doing a concert of cello, which happened, but I was terrorized. So for a long time -- I love her, we're best friends now -- but that was a tough moment. So I was taking my courage, I didn't have any contact, anything in Paris. It started working after a year, I started getting jobs. Schuman: And was your style that much different from what you see now? When she's doing photographs, it's like a party.

She is funny, consistent, and her point of view on fashion is great.

I think her success is a little bit of a conspiracy by established print media that wanted to show that this blog thing is not that important, that it's done by a bunch of twelve year olds. I think it's great that Tavi can create a blog and write for other people that are like-minded - probably other kids around her age - but I don't know how that is going to help a 26-year old, if she has never had a boyfriend or any of that kind of stuff. He also complains that people like Tavi "steal pictures from other people" in order to have imagery on his blog. Here's a good one, on the topic of whether Schuman reads any other Fashion Blogs: "No not really.

She's just a kid, so she can talk about art and stuff only in an abstract way." In other words, he is suggesting that Tavi's success has been masterminded by the Evil Print Media to show that blogging is, essentially, a joke. The only one I look at is my girlfriend Garance Dore. She is a great writer, she does video, illustration, and photography.

So that is the only blog that I look at on a consistent basis.""American Apparel bought advertising for the whole year and then I just got an email yesterday that is going to buy advertisements for the rest of the year (2010) as well.

So those two ads alone are a good fraction of a million dollars: more than a quarter million and less than a half a million.

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